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Our Mission

The Flatbush Community Fund was created by a local group who noticed a few problems. They dug a little deeper and discovered these were bigger than they thought. People sharing the same Flatbush streets were living very different lives.

They became determined to fix the community and rallied together to get it done.

We will acomplish that by:

  • Identifying and addressing the fundamental issues that have surfaced in Flatbush.
  • Implementing a comprehensive structure to resolve the immediate and long-term problems facing our community.
  • Operating the fund with the same operational effectiveness as we would a business, ensuring that our assistance is managed responsibly.
  • Partnering with key organizations to maximize the resources available to those that need them in Flatbush.

We believe we should:

  • Own the burden of taking care of Flatbush.
  • Honor our responsibility to be generous.
  • Ensure that we never neglect our neighbors in need when the resources are available to them.
  • Protect our future generations, so that Flatbush remains the greatest place to live.

In the short time that we have been operational, we have become the nucleus in a system that aligns the people of Flatbush with an abundance of resources to improve their overall quality of life.

We do this because it is our responsability. Join the answer >>