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What we do: Our building blocks

Thank you to our partners and sponsors: Met Council, UJA, Tzur Foundation, COJO, and many more.


Fending for Flatbush

When the unexpected pours down, we shelter you. If you are in need of emergency assistance for rent, mortgage payments, Yom Tov preparation or utility payments, simply contact us and the necessary funds will be distributed to you.

Help us increase the number of lives we touch. Donate to the emergency assistance fund or reach out to join our team of volunteers.

The FCF has distributed over $1.6 million in emergency assistance to 850 families.


Financing Flatbush

The Flatbush Community Fund provides interest-free loans to anyone in need.

Do you believe in investing in your community? Donate to the interest-free loan fund or join our team of volunteers to help even more of your neighbors pull themselves out of financial stress.

The FCF set up a gemach of $2 million, helping dozens of families get back on their feet.


Focusing on Flatbush

Since 2018, the FCF has collaborated with Rebbeim, Menahalim, and Morahs to provide supplementary tutoring to their elementary school students.

The next generation is the future. Help us make that future a bright one by donating to the tutoring fund or joining our team of loyal volunteers.

We must increase our students’ awareness of their own ability to lay the groundwork for a life of self-respect and joy.


Following Flatbush

We have big plans. Starting in 2021, The FCF is starting a financial mentoring program to help Flatbush community members, especially single mothers, develop financial literacy skills so they can achieve economic stability and independence.

Do you believe in the power of financial knowledge? Sign up to volunteer or donate to the mentoring fund to help us empower even more people with the tools and resources to become self-sufficient.

Solve the problem at the root to stop the cycle.


Festive Flatbush

Over the years, the community of Flatbush has pooled their resources together to create our wedding assistance fund to provide the means for any young couple who needs assistance to finance their special day.

Do you want to help young people build their futures? Donate to the wedding assistance fund or join our team of volunteers to help expand the reach of our program.

A wedding is the first day of the rest of a couple’s lives. They should feel joyful, not anxious.


Food for Flatbush

Thanks to generous donations from our community and partners, the FCF stocks a reserve of crucial food items for families in need.

No one in our community should be left with an empty stomach. Help us expand this initiative and support more neighbors in need by donating to the food pantry fund or joining our team of volunteers.

Our food pantry has now moved to our new retail space!


Feeding Flatbush

The FCF has partnered with local grocery stores in Flatbush to open hundreds of grocery accounts for families in need.

Food brings people together. If you believe in our mission of uniting the Flatbush community, donate to the grocery account fund. Let’s make every Yom Tov a happy one.

We’ve opened $400,000 worth of grocery accounts


Facilitating Flatbush

You can’t build strong support without a continual labor of love from a dedicated group of people. Our volunteers are on call to help anyone in need, be it by doing errands, food deliveries, or just checking in. They are absolutely crucial building blocks in FCF’s foundation.

Join Flatbush team today!                                                                             

Over 400 volunteers deliver food and other essentials to community members in need.