Need Help?

What We’re Doing

The Flatbush Community Fund was created so that we, as a community, live up to the halachic obligation to take care of our neighbors (Aniyei Ircha).

We identify those in need and coordinate charitable aid on their behalf. We do this by finding, supporting, and coordinating already existing charities to improve the assistance available within Flatbush. We ensure they are well run, and then help fund, promote, and support them.

We devote the same level of organized effectiveness we expect in our businesses.

The Flatbush Community Fund ensures that we never neglect our neighbors in need when the resources are available to them.

Emergency Assistance

Met Council’s comprehensive social services assist, sustain, and empower poor and near-poor New Yorkers. Its numerous programs provide additional resources to help hard working families in our community advance their economic situation.

The Hebrew Free Loan Society (HFLS) assists low and moderate-income residents of New York City’s five boroughs, by offering interest-free lending. Their loans make an immediate, concrete difference in the lives of their borrowers, creating hope in times of need.

Children's Needs:

V’Nivrichu – Tutoring Program was launched in January 2018 in 3 Yeshivas. It now partners with 6 Yeshivas to maximize the potential of elementary students’ academic achievement. In collaboration with the Menahelim and Rabbabeim, the tutors mentor our boys, ensuring that Flatbush’s next generation doesn’t get left behind. In turn, this also helps our local tutors subsidize their current income.

Amudim is the first stop for people in crisis, it serves the most vulnerable in our community, through intervention, counseling, and management. Amudim harmonizes a proven combination of programs, services, and resources and delivers them through a team of compassionate, highly-trained professionals. They help bring victims back to normalcy and succeed in our Flatbush community.

Financial Assistance & Education:

Mesila – many individuals experience financial hardship due to their lack of proper knowledge and tools. Making ends meet is especially difficult for those living paycheck-to-paycheck. Through family coaching, business counseling, and actionable educational programs, Mesila empowers men, women, and children across our community to accomplish and preserve economic independence.