Need Help?

Our Mission


The residents of Flatbush needed help, and they were not getting enough
of it. Although Flatbush is blessed with many giving individuals and charitable
organizations, those in need did not know how or where to reach out.
We the people of Flatbush were not living up to our duty to take care of our own.
Born from this gap, the FCF provided a solution: centralized services and
resources, administered in collaboration with over 100 Rabbanim and
community leaders to address local needs and create public awareness
about the resources available to them. The FCF strove to create a system that
was transparent, accountable and respectful of confidentiality.

We will acomplish that by:

  • Identifying and addressing fundamental issues that have surfaced in Flatbush.
  • Implementing a comprehensive structure to resolve the immediate and long-term problems facing our community.
  • Operating the fund with the same operational effectiveness as we would a business, ensuring that the funds are managed responsibly.
  • Partnering with key organizations to maximize the resources available to our Flatbush families.

We believe we should:

  • Own the burden of taking care of our Flatbush families.
  • Honor our responsibility to be generous.
  • Ensure that we never neglect our neighbors in need .
  • Protect our future generations, so that Flatbush remains the greatest place to live.

In the short time that we have been operational, we have become the nucleus in a system that aligns the people of Flatbush with an abundance of resources to improve our overall quality of life.

We do this because it is our responsibility. Join the answer >>