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The money raised through this initiative will be crucial for building a thriving and resilient Flatbush. By building a better Flatbush we can build a better tomorrow.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors: Met Council, UJA, Tzur Foundation, COJO, and many more.

We’ve been

This year alone we:

Distributed $1.6 million to 850 families, sending $2,000 checks directly to their mailboxes just in time for Pesach

Tutored and mentored over 200 children

Set up a Gemach of $2 million and distributed $500,000

Delivered more than 200 school lunches per day

Distributed more than $400,000 of grocery vouchers to over 550 Flatbush families

Stocked a food pantry that has sent more than $250,000 worth of food to 1000 people

Assisted 65 families with weddings

Organized over 400 volunteers to deliver groceries, medication and essentials

Why stop there?

Next year iy"H we anticipate:

Issuing over $2,000,000 to over 1,200 Flatbush families

Giving over $1,000,000 in grocery vouchers to over 1,000 Flatbush families

Servicing 10 Yeshivas and 5 Bais Yaakovs with over $300,000 in funds given for tutoring services

Distributing over $1,500,000 of food to over 6000 people