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Welcome to the FCF Shul Registration page

The FCF [Flatbush Community Fund] aspires to collaborate with all of our local Shuls and Rabbanim in order to jointly accomplish our goal of extending assistance to all Flatbush residents who are in need of our help. In order for the FCF to appropriately and responsibly distribute funds and offer our various services to the public we need the local Rabbanim & Shul representatives to recognize and understand how we operate, what services we offer and how we can work together to help those in need.

Please follow the following instructions to register your shul with the FCF:


Familiarize yourself with our organization.

Go to the “Menu” button and there are many options to click on to see and learn all about the organization.


Watch video 1.

Which is a combination of promotional video clips about the FCF and important messages from Rabbanim [taken earlier this year].

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Watch video 2.

Which is a combination of video clips from the administrative office with important information about the FCF [taken earlier this year].

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Fill out the Registration form.

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